BASE Christmas Picks for the Ladies

It’s holiday time and no matter what holiday you celebrate I’m sure there is a special lady around who loves cool stuff! Here are our picks for some amazing gear sure to brighten up any fashionable, fast, fit female’s holiday!

1. The Betty Designs Jett Pack

Yes, all of that FITS in that bag!

We love Betty’s eye for fashion and translating it to the world of triathlon. We love it so much that our number one present on the list this year is the awesome new Jett Pack! It may look plain in the picture but don’t let it fool you. This faux-alligator fabric backpack can fit all of your tri goodies in it no problem. Now you can look as cool as you feel on race morning!

Grab one of these bad boys now by clicking here!

Price: $79.99







2. The Smashfest Queen Sunrise Kit

IMG_1238_1024x1024_d54e1974-79d3-4807-ad50-f29d65d59fc9_grandeJust because you’re on your bike doesn’t mean you can’t ride with some personality! I am in love with the bright colors of this kit. Any female who likes pink but wants a slight edge should check this out. If you want to spoil the lady of your life, why not kit her out completely with arm warmers and knee warmers that match. Talk about being visible on the road. I can tell you from personal experience that even the motorists have commented on how they like the kit. To quote a gas station visitor one day “Wow, ain’t never seen an outfit like that. Cool!”

To get the look click here

Price: $119.00 for the jersey, $129.00 for the shorts





3. ICEdot Crash Sensor

crashsensor01_medium-a93941a0ae4dc04c1d4260442696441fWhile we may not need this right now in the winter ridiculousness that is the Midwest, there will be a time when we head back out on the open road. This sensor fits onto your helmet and in the event of an impact. If it goes off and you don’t need immediate help you can call off the sensors alarm via your smart phone. This is a great way to secure help if you’re unable to do so due to a crash.

Click here to order

Price $119.00


4. lululemon Energy BraLW2834S_015880_2

This is one of my favorite bras for after a race! It is comfortable, has removable cups, and has a really cute criss cross pattern in the back allowing you to rock it under lightweight tanks, burn out tees, and other post race apparel.  It can also be worn on the bike and run, although I usually recommend larger chested ladies use a more supportive bra. You may think $48.00 for a bra!? Well I can tell you I have had some of these bad boys for years.

Link to buy here

Price: $48.00




5. Buff Sports Slim Fit Buff, Original Buff, or UV Buff

buffIf you’ve got a lady who is not a hat or visor wearer, a buff may be an amazing option. This multi use band of fabric can be worn as a headband, a hat, a baklava, a pony tail holder…and much much more. They come in a variety of fabrics depending on the temperature and season. Many of the team members both men and women on BASE have them and love them. They are a great way to stash extra ice in too!!!

To buy click here

Price: varies ~$20.00 +





6. Davines Hair Care Products

1044_default_lLet’s face it. If it isn’t the chlorine from swimming, it’s the 3 showers a day we take (not to mention the elements) that can leave our hair looking dry, damaged, and just plain blah. Davines is a company that is all about sustainable beauty. All of their products are packaged zero impact and the company goes to great lengths (ha!) to be one of the greenest hair care lines around. I personally have long, thick, curly hair. My go-to product after a swim is the Love Curl Enhancing Conditioner. All types of hair can benefit from the amazing leave in spray, OI All-in-One Milk. They have a variety of products for any type of hair and any level of damage.

Check them out here!

Price Varies: $15.00 and up





7. Iluminage Skin Rejuvinating Pillow Case

NMC1JX9_mkYes. You read that right. A pillowcase that can improve your skin. With the amount of time we spend in the sun, wind, water, and every other element that is forced upon us our skin can take a beating. While you may not be sold on the idea that a pillowcase can take care of some of the fine lines and wrinkles we’ve gotten over the years from the sun, you can bet that for $60.00 I am willing to give it a go. Plus its a great way to take your own pillow case with you when you travel. Double BONUS!

For more info and to buy click here

Price: $60.00





8.  Powerbar Performance Energy Wafer Bars

pwr-vpwafer12Holy taste buds. If you’re a solid food eater on the bike and you’re sick of the same old thing these wafer bars are TOO GOOD. Similar to the wafer cookies of my youth, they provide 30g of CHO per bar. They are easier to chew than the traditional energy bars on the market and almost dissolve when you swig some water while consuming. These make a great stocking stuffer and are a great fuel option if your lady is putting in extra hours training this off season.

Click here for more info

Price: $1.79 per bar





9. The Power of a PlanBASEkona

If your lady is looking for more structure this season buy a plan for her! has a variety of plans offered for all levels. Not to toot our own horn but BASE Tri Fitness does have a few plans available for all different athletes. If your lady is looking for more swim specific work you can gift her the 4 week Swim Training Set! It features 3 swims a week (1 endurance, 1 speed, 1 strength). Not a swimmer? No problem there is a plan that is 100% dedicated to off season cycling! Take a peek at the variety of plans offered here.

Price: Varies


10. “Riders on the Storm” Print in Memory of Cory Lunger

ridersThe addition of any sport focused art is a great way to up the motivation level of your training room. Why not add an amazing print to your collection that also goes toward a great cause. Cory Lunger died of acute lymphoblastic lymphoma in March, 2013. While I did not know him personally, many of my friends and fellow riders did. Currently the website does not allow for ordering the print online but if you are interested in a print contact and we can get you a print!

Price: $20.00



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