Viral Times, Virtual Races

As athletes begin to see race cancellations, the question I have been frequently seeing is “well, now what?”

Well…now…you keep training because you’re an athlete. We don’t call ourselves “racers” we are ATHLETES. We train because we are dedicated to something larger than simply showing up on one day to see what we are made of. We show up every single day and dive into the crucible that is our training to see what we are made of. Yes racing is awesome, but it is not the only awesome thing about living a life in sport.

If you are like my athletes and myself, you are committed to living your life dedicated to the mastery of your chosen sport. In triathlon this mastery includes developing competency in multiple disciplines, an increased tolerance for high output in training and racing, and the development of a mind that is mentally fortuitous. Resiliency, flexibility, and adaptability are just a few of the keys to mental toughness and the truly mentally tough will be able to stay motivated, emotionally regulated, and consistent in their training as things remain uncertain ahead of us.

I GET IT, though. Athletes like competition.

In an effort to provide our own athletes with an outlet for competition, BASE Tri Fitness is hosting a series of online events and challenges that anyone is welcome to participate in. We will track individual and team results over the next few weeks and we would love to have as many athletes involved as possible.

If you’d like to participate simply email In the email’s subject line please write VIRTUAL RACE REGISTRATION. You will get a race registration confirmation from me shortly thereafter. The challenges are FREE and you can participate in any or all of them. Have family members who may not be high performing athletes, but are active? They can join too.

Challenge Information

Register: email with “virtual race registration” in the subject line

Dates & Challenges:

All participants will be emailed directions for each challenge the Monday before the challenge date. Please submit your results within 12 hours of the event completion. All events start at 8:00 AM* EST.

3/21/20 – Bike 2 x 10 minute time trial

3/28/20 – Run 5K time trial

4/4/20 – Bike 20 minute time trial

4/11/20 – Run 5k time trial

4/18/20 – Bike 30 minute time trial

4/25/20 – Run 10k time trial

(If you need to do the challenge another day throughout the week, cool. Go for it. Just make sure we get your results by 8:00 PM EST each Saturday.

Prizes / Awards

Of course we will have prizes and awards. We might award the best social media post. We may award someone a sweet paper plate award for the biggest time drop between the two 5k’s. We might even give an award to the team who has the most people participate in the challenge. The point isn’t the awards, the point is, let’s be accountable to each other, see what we can do in the isolation and loneliness of our training caves, and know that while we can’t express ourselves on the race course, we can still dig in and get some hard work done on our own.

Questions??? Suggestions??? email me –

More info here.

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