Top 10 Mistakes in January

This post is meant to be funny, sarcastic, a little bit off kilter, but honest. In January we are all faced with the new year, the energy and hope of what is to come in the next 365 days. I personally don’t like thinking of the new year in this way, I think the year starts whenever you want it. Why wait until January 1st to make a change in your life. (<-that’s another blog topic).  As I peruse the social media sites and see the comments of newbie and veteran athletes, it is amazing to see some of the same mistakes made year after year.  Take a second to review these and see if any of these seem all too familiar!

1. Thinking your NEW GEAR will make you fitter, faster, or stronger

  • Ok so the only exception to this would be a heart rate monitor or power meter. Go ahead and throw your new elevation mask in the garbage. Thanks
  • You’re going to get fitter and stronger with good programming, not with cool new toys.

2. Thinking that setting an outrageous goal makes you any better than anyone else

  • Woah, Bob! You signed up for a 100 mile run? I didn’t even know you ran! Oh, you don’t? Oh…
  • Yeah, don’t be Bob. Choose goals that make sense for your lifestyle, your current fitness level, and don’t fear missing out on something just because you see other Jackwagons doing it. Yes I said Jackwagons.

3. Start a crazy powerlifting routing in hopes it will raise your FTP

  • I am an advocate for lifting weights however I don’t care how much you squat in all honesty. I can throw three different guys on a bike all who squat different weights and the ‘weakest’ one on the squat can outpower the other two. Why? Aerobic strength. Yes this a plug for lactate threshold testing but why not. This stuff freaking works. It works SO well that we added a freaking physiologist to our staff.

4. Hiring a new coach because your last coach ‘just didn’t make me fast enough’

  • I am all for moving coaches if there is something wrong with the relationship OR if they honestly don’t know what they are doing. Beware that you aren’t coach skipping and not getting any better – if that is the case – look at yourself and take some time to reflect on if you’re really putting in the time and effort needed to hit your goals.

5. Thinking “I have plenty of time”

  • Hello! If you are like BoBo Jackwagon from the second mistake (giant goal with no build up) you don’t have time. Get started training and GET A PLAN together


  • You know NO PLAN STAN, he’s the guy at the gym for four hours before work. He is the guy exhausted at the office because his first swim workout he swam 3,000 meters and has never been in the pool before. He’s the guy who goes balls to the wall because that’s just how you do it.  Please get a coach, or buy a plan, or hell make one yourself. Just don’t try putting volume out there for the sake of volume and hope something sticks. Odds are you’re just gonna end up slow.

7. Thinking this doesn’t hurt

  • If you train right yes, this stuff can hurt. It shouldn’t hurt all the time or even most of the time but if you’re not doing some hard work then you’re going to be slow like No Plan Stan. Find someone who is faster than you and bug them to tag along once and a while. Not all the time though…then you’re like #8…

8. Balls to the Wall Betty

  • “I need to workout every day as hard as I can” “If I’m not dripping with sweat I didn’t do it right” “What are heart rate zones? I just go until I vomit”.
  • I think that’s enough said.

9. Lazy Nutrition or Hyper Restrictive Nutrition

  • With NY resolutions you’ve got the super psychotic calorie counter or the person so focused on exercise that they let their diet go to hell. KNOW what you’re taking in calorie and macronutrient wise and then make sure it matches your energy expenditure. We have enough energy stored in our body to get through a 2 hour workout without added fuel. If the workout is a harder workout supplementing with carbohydrates can be appropriate. Take a hot minute to consider output vs. input.
  • Also recognize that any major dietary changes i.e. no gluten, dairy, etc may take some time getting used to. You may also be missing macronutrient or micronutrients based on these big changes. Using an app like My Fitness Pal can help you visualize what you’re really getting each day!

10. Thinking that anything you succeed or fail at this year will make or break who you are

  • This truly is a blog post all on its own. You are who you are. Winning a race and losing a race doesn’t change YOU. I once had an email conversation with Ben Hoffman about this very fact. Once he got to Kona he realized that he was still the same guy no matter what happened, good or bad. His family and friends still loved him.  Keep this in mind on the days that don’t go so well, and then also keep it in mind when you want to rub someone’s face in your amazing new accomplishment.


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