Thanksgiving Day Workout & Playlist

Last year I posted a workout on my blog and it was pretty well received so here’s another one!

Start with a dynamic warm up for knee pulls, straight leg kicks with and without rotation, deep squat, and walking lunges. Your run will start out awesome :)

Here’s how the workout works…create this playlist and try to memorize what each song’s ‘goal’ is. It’s a short workout ~ 45 minutes so if you want to make it longer just add a longer warm up or cool down keeping the main playlist as the ‘meat’ of the workout! Burn those calories so you can enjoy your pumpkin pie!

1. Ghosts n Stuff, Deadmau5 (6:11) : Easy zone 1-2 (RPE 1-3), keep it easy! Let the beat get you moving.

2. Leave Me Alone, Michael Jackson (4:39): Continue the same effort as first song. Easy. It’s gonna get serious soon.

3. Sunshine, Matisyahu (3:34): Pick ups on the chorus ~ :20-:30 seconds. Don’t worry about the HR, just turn over the legs quickly. And hopefully its SUNNY so enjoy the sunshine!

4. Joker and the Thief, Wolfmother (4:40): Sub-Threshold – once the song starts settle into a nice clip of Zone 4* or RPE 5. It will take a minute or two before you see the HR jump to Z4. That’s ok!

5. San Francisco, The Mowgli’s (2:53): Easy recovery. The song has a pretty quick beat but settle the HR down and get ready for the next song!

6. California Love, Tupac (4:45): Despite it seeming like a laid back song if you match your cadence to the beat your legs are definitely moving. So, depending on how you feel after interval one, try to match your cadence to the beat.

7. Let’s Ride, Kid Rock (4:50): So you love or hate Kid Rock. I’m from the Detroit area so I have to love. Exchange another rock song with this one. Recovery is the goal during this song. Next song is our last effort!

8. Shook Ones pt. II, Mobb Deep (5:25), Zone 4 again. No crazy beat to the song but you can feel it move you if you let it!

9. Feel me Flow, Naughty by Nature (3:34) – EASY, cool it down!

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