BASE Tri Fitness: Balanced. Appropriate. Specific. Endurance

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BASE Tri Fitness: Balanced. Appropriate. Specific Endurance.

About BASE Services

OSMO Nutrition Review

I was selected via to be one of OSMO’s testers for the past five weeks. I was in my final few weeks training for Ironman Wisconsin. Weather conditions in central  Ohio were hot and humid throughout the testing – averaging temps in the 80-90 degree mark. Humidity was always high…

Recovering from Ironman

(Originally posted on September 14, 2011) RECOVERING FROM RACING Recovery is one thing most athletes don’t get right.  If we participate in endurance events, odds are we are slightly Type A or like to push ourselves (even the slightest bit).  Recovery is a very important part of that process yet we don’t…

Athlete Spotlight: Chris Lang

Chris Lang. An athlete of few words, but pretty darn funny if you know him.  Racing in his first Ironman this next weekend, we cheer him on and say DON’T GET LOST on the bike!  Learn more about the Langster here. Primary events: IRONMAN Louisville Kentucky What is your athletic…
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