BASE Tri Fitness: Balanced. Appropriate. Specific. Endurance

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BASE Tri Fitness: Balanced. Appropriate. Specific Endurance.

About BASE Services

Guest Blog: Aaron Ansari, My Experience

I’m relatively new to endurance sports and thereby relatively new to Base Tri Fitness, but I have quickly learned that training affects everyone differently (there is no one-size-fits-all regimen).  I should know…I’ve been searching for the  right coach and plan for years.  Upon joining Base, Lauren tested me and created…

2015 Sponsors and Discounts Receive a 10% Discount with Code: AMBLaurenUpdyke   Finis Swimming *Finis is in the middle of updating their systems so when we have their discount code we will update you. You can always contact if you need something right away! Base Tri Fitness proudly supports Emily Schaller and…