Last Minute Gifts for the Athlete

The days are ticking away! If you haven’t gotten the athlete in your life a gift here are some last minute items that your special someone might enjoy!

Finis Swim Snorkel $39.99 (link) 

Using a swimmer’s snorkel allows the swimmer to focus on stroke mechanics without having to turn his or her head to breathe. This helps enforce proper alignment and balance in the water. Many times a swimmer’s head position during the breathe can throw off rhythm and position.  This is a great gift for all level swimmers.



Pearl Izumi Elite Softshell Jacket $160.00 (link)

For someone who has no fear riding through the winter, the ELITE Softshell Jacket is a great option as an outer layer. Not too hard on the pocket book (you can spend upwards of 300 bucks on a high quality outer layer) this jacket can top off a base layer and jersey to keep you warm on the bike.



lululemon athletica Women’s No Show Ultimate Sock $14.00 (link)

I am not a fan of higher rise socks. These socks stay under your shoes but don’t bunch, pull, pinch, blister, etc. They also come in fun colors for the lady in your life who likes bright socks.




Mad Alchemy Embrocation & Chamois Cremes $17-20.00 (link)

Cyclocross racers and riders who want a little extra warmth and protection from the weather will find it in Mad Alchemy’s embrocations. They also make some awesome chamois cremes both for men and women specifically. Pure and simple ingredients create an awesome product.



CycleOps Fluid2 Trainer $339.99 (link)

No matter what new trainer comes out, I am still a fan of the fluid2. Easy to use and quiet enough to ride without waking the entire household. It’s still an investment at over $300 but I’ve had mine for years and it still works like a charm!

If you’re looking for a new hydration product OSMO is worth looking at. I’ve been using it for a while and have been feeling amazing during my workouts. Drinking about 32 oz / hr  of Active Hydration and taking the Acute Recovery immediately after a training session have kept me snappy and energized.  The Active Hydration tastes great – not too sweet, easy to drink. The Acute Recovery is awesome mixed with almond milk, dark cocoa mix, or a pinch of cinnamon. It also is good enough to drink with water in a pinch.  For 10% off shoot an email.




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