We utilize a combined steady state/step test (yes, we understand that sounds counter intuitive!) that allows us to establish how your body creates energy.  If you’ve hit a plateau, are new to training, or are looking for a competitive edge this will help establish what your limiters are and how we can adjust your training for you to reach your goals. To learn more about the testing and why it is so beneficial check out our write up here.  Testing is scheduled by appointment in both our Colorado and Ohio offices. Contact lauren@basetrifitness.com to schedule your test.


Initial Testing* – $175.00      Follow Up Testing*-$150.00

Athlete Considerations

In order to get accurate data, please do not exercise the day of the test.  We recommend 1-2 days of light activity or rest before testing. If you have questions on training leading up to your assessment please contact us. Consultation, testing, and wrap up takes approximately 1 hour. Athletes must be in good health, complete a PAR-Q, and sign a wavier before participating in the program.  Athletes must bring their own equipment (bike, bike shoes, running shoes, etc).

Team Rates*

If you are a coach of a team and would like to schedule testing for a group of athlete (5 minimum) please contact lauren@basetrifitness.com for adjusted pricing.