BASE Tri Fitness Athletes Race IM Chattanooga, Podium for Tiller

It was such a joy to travel to Ironman Chattanooga to coach Robert Walter, Jeremy Tiller, Colin Turcu, and Chris Marazon. Each of these athletes did a phenomenal job on a very tough, hot, humid day. Rob Walter, the angry dentist as he’s been lovingly named*, had a phenomenal sub 1:00 swim and a strong bike, coming into T2 in the top 20 in his age group. Jeremy Tiller swam under an hour as well, clocked a 5:12 bike, and hung on for a 3:51 run which landed him on his first ever Ironman Podium.  Colin Turcu finished in a top 15 spot in his age group, his best finish to date (he managed this feat with one of the most ridiculous schedules I have ever seen someone manage- huge kudos to him!). Chris Marazon was also steady all day finishing his first Ironman with a huge smile on his face.  It was also a great day for a friend, Sam Long, who took his first win at Ironman Chattanooga. A gutsy performance that paid off big time. It was a an inspiring day of racing all around.

Rob, Jeremy, Colin, and Chris all have ridiculously busy lives and each one fulfilled on a season of consistent, dedicated, and passionate work. Special thank you goes out to my assistant coach for the day, Bex Fink (see photo of Bex, Darth Vader, and I below). Bex was the original woman to do the double Ironman (IM Maryland/IM Choo) weekend back in 2018. Having her on course was an asset not only to me but to my athletes as well. Congrats on a great day team!

*p.s. – Rob is not angry, nor is he a dentist.



















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