Blue Boxer Day: Prostate Cancer Be Damned!

Did you know that it is more common for men to develop prostate cancer than it is for women to develop breast cancer? It is! One in Six men will develop Prostate Cancer.  Okay, but Lauren, you’re a lady and you have boobs. Shouldn’t you be worried about Breast Cancer? Well, yes, thank you for noticing. I do have boobs, and I do support Breast Cancer Research – however; I want to be an active role in bringing attention to Prostate Cancer because it isn’t talked about as much and I have so many wonderful men in my life that I love! So I am going to take my ladies (read: boobs) and bring some attention to the men’s bits.  Speedos for all!

Now that I have offended the conservative reader, I have to tell you about Blue Boxer Day. On September 25th, 2015 YOU and I and EVERYONE ELSE for that matter whether they have a prostate or mot can wear a pair of blue boxers to bring awareness to Prostate Cancer.  When someone asks you about the boxers (which will look super fetching over your dress pants I am sure) you can share with them the research that The University of Michigan is doing as the top Prostate Cancer research hospital is doing to help STOP attacking our husbands, fathers, and sons boxers!!!

Excuse me, Lauren – you just said University of Michigan – You’re a Buckeye. That’s blasphemy!  Calm down my little buckeyenuts, I bleed Scarlet and Grey, but in this case, I will rally around The University of Michigan as it partners with the Mayo Clinic, Cleveland Clinic and other leading medical organizations to really break new ground in Prostate Cancer Research.  Fair enough? The answer is yes it is fair. In matters of the prostate I can be fine with it…O-H!

I am taking my participation in this event a step further.  Having raced for Jeff at Ironman Florida this past fall, I felt a profound change in what the day meant not only to me as an athlete but as a woman who has so many significant male role models and loved ones who help get me to the start of the race.  I may not have a prostate, but I can damn well support the fight against the cancer that threatens my husband, father, and step sons.

Here is how you can participate with me.  By opening this google sheet   you will be able to PLACE DONATION BETS on how I will do at Ironman Coeur D’Alene on June 28th.  If I happen to HIT the bet you took, you will be on the hook to donate that amount to This will be a fun and interactive way for you to donate, participate in my race, and help stop this awful disease from taking any more of our men away from us.

If you choose to participate in the donation bets I will send out a confirmation before the race to let you know what ‘bets’ you placed. Upon completion of the race I will let you know how much you are on the hook to donate! The best part about this is you guys can add bets to the sheet too! So if you want to bet that I will eat a bumblebee on the bike for $1,000.00. Add it at the bottom! If you wish to make more than one bet, go for it. If you wish to add more rows because a bet is already filled – go for it!

Thank you for considering participating in this!


The man, the myth, the legend!
Jeff Smith with his Ironman Medal

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