Athlete Spotlight: Mike Callahan

Athlete Spotlight

Mike Callahan

Mike Callahan, die hard Cinci Reds fan – and apparent chihuahua lover, is heading to Ironman Florida this weekend! I’m personally excited to see how he does considering he had a knee injury before he started with BASE that kept him from running until this summer. He’s put in a ton of hard work and I’m excited to see how he does. Wish him luck as you learn more about him here!

What is your athletic background: I played a variety of sports growing up, but wrestling was my favorite sport. If the season would have continued forever, that would have been A-OK with me. If I didn’t think I would hurt myself too bad, I would still like to get on the mat. As an older adult, I started running 1/2 and full marathons with biking as a hobby.

Why did you choose BASE Tri Fitness as your training program provider:  I reached out to a few coaches in the area and I liked the quick feedback and willingness to answer any of my questions. Every question Lauren answered made sense and I felt completely comfortable having her guide me. I never told her this, but after I chose her as my coach, I had another fellow triathlete tell me that I needed to find a male coach since I was a guy and they would understand me better. I politely ignored his advice and am so glad I did!

What has been the most challenging part of your training so far: Two things for me 1) Learning to swim! I suck swimming! In fact, last December I couldn’t swim with my head in the water. A lot of pool time and a few lessons, and I can at least not damage myself too badly 2) Time management – beside my full time job managing a chemotherapy unit, I was finishing up another academic degree, doing a weekly radio show and coached my son’s baseball team. Balancing everything was a bit of a trick.

What has been the most enjoyable part of your training: Learning to swim at a mediocre level. My first 2 mile swim took me 1:30 minutes, one month later I shaved 15 minutes off the swim. That was still something that I am excited about.

What have you accomplished so far that you never dreamt you’d accomplish: Swimming with my head in the water :)

What is your favorite music to train to: I usually don’t train with music during the season, but during the off-season I have a variety of music on my ipod that I train with. Anything from Elvis to Pantera.

Favorite workout: Run workouts. It was a little painful for me earlier in the season when I had a knee injury that literally kept me from running for months.

Least favorite workout:  Toss up of swimming and 5+ hour bike rides in the rain.

If you could tell other athletes one thing you have learned so far in your training what would it be? I think it would be to be honest with yourself and your coach and be patient. I injured my knee right at the beginning of the training cycle and tried to rush back in several times only to re-injure myself. You truly have to know your limitations. The older I get the truer I find that statement to be but also the hardest to practice.

Any embarrassing moments or stories?  I think we all have a bathroom story. I was actually doing the dreaded 90-90-90 and found myself a couple of miles from home and horrible abdominal cramping that would not let me make it home. Fortunately I was near a friends house but when I arrived I found that he was not at home. Remembering that he leaves his door unlocked, I let myself in to use his bathroom. Finding relief, I was coming out of the bathroom when he came in his door. Here I was sweating, pulling up my jogging pants and explaining to my friend why I was in his house. We both had a good laugh, but later he called me and I could tell he was a little irritated with me…I clogged up his toilet and someone didn’t own a plunger.

What is your equipment line up: Specialized Allez, Some type of wetsuit, a pair of Mizuno running shoes and a garmin. The more I find out about this sport, the more I realize there are all kinds of cool gadgets.


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