Athlete Spotlight: Jessica Bloodgood

Jessica Bloodgood

Meet BASE Tri Fitness athlete, Jessica Bloodgood.

Jessica started working with BASE Tri Fitness in November of 2019. After “living in a grief cloud for about 2 years” she came to BASE Tri Fitness wanting to rekindle her athletic passion. In her youth, Blood (as she is affectionately known to her Chicago based training friends), ran track, cross country, and swam. She graduated from law school in 2008 and after feeling like she had been “sitting non-stop for three year” she dove into endurance training.

She has completed ten 70.3’s, one Ironman, 20+ half marathons, and 9 marathons. She has qualified for and raced the Boston Marathon and is seeking to BQ again.

One of the things I admire about Jessica’s athletic spirit is her willingness to honor others through her racing. In 2013 she raced the NYC Marathon and qualified for Boston and she raised nearly $8,000 for the Alzheimer’s Association in honor of her grandmother.

Her commitment to helping others transcends sport. Jessica spent over ten years working as a lawyer. In 2018 she made the decision to change careers from working as a lawyer to pursuing a career in non-profit work. Jessica now works for the American Cancer Society where she works on the DetermiNation endurance series assisting athletes of all levels reach their endurance goals while raising money for ACS.

The American Cancer Society is an organization that Jessica has a personal connection to. Jessica shared, “My mom was diagnosed with esophageal cancer in March of 2017, right as I was training for the Door County 70.3 and the Berlin Marathon. I had high hopes of a BQ and a PR at Berlin, but that all fell apart when my mom got sick and began her treatment.” Jessica’s mom passed away in March of 2018 and in honor of her mom, Jessica decided to run the Chicago Marathon for the American Cancer Society.

“It was very hard to train through grief – getting out the door was a constant battle.” Jessica fondly remembers running the 2011 Chicago Marathon with her mom. “At the last minute I decided to ditch my goal time and run with my mom – this was the best idea ever! I did not run the Chicago Marathon again until 2018, seven months after my mom passed away. This ended up being one of the most cathartic experiences of my life.” Jessica raised more than $15,000 in honor of her mother’s memory.

The most rewarding part of training for Jessica is the endorphins she gets. She said, “Getting out the door is always the hardest part for me…but I always feel better afterwards.”

Jessica had a goal of breaking 4 hours at the Cowtown Marathon (which Jessica raced instead of the planned Tokyo Marathon which was cancelled due to COVID-19 concerns). Jessica noted that “though I was disappointed after I didn’t break 4 at Cowtown, Coach reminded me that results are not the sole or only measure of progress or process. The whole point of joining BASE Tri Fitness was to get back into a consistent routine and find my motivation to get out the door. The wins from my time with BASE Tri so far are that in my lead up to Cowtown I completed nearly every training session planned and I regained a TON of fitness.”

Jessica is now training to complete Grandma’s Marathon virtually this summer.

More Fun Facts About Jessica

Jessica fangirls” over: “Des and Shalane and Deena and Meb! As a kid I thought Janet Evans was the absolute best. I also loved Summer Sanders and Katie Ledecky. Alyson Felix is also a badass.”

Any advice for new athletes: “Drink water! Roll! Wear sunscreen and a visor!

Something most people don’t know about Jessica: “My husband and I have competed twice in a burro race out in Colorado. Running with a donkey is equal parts hilarious and frustrating. It took about four hours to finish a half marathon…I highly recommend the book Running with Sherman by Chris MacDougall. It is so heartwarming and interesting. My favorite book I have read so far this year!

Anything Else!?: “My husband and I had donkeys serve as beverage burros at our Wedding in Golden, Colorado”

If you are able and interested in donating to Jessica’s DetermiNation page as she continues her fundraising efforts for the American Cancer Society, please click this link.

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