BASE Tri Virtual 5k and 10k!

Remember when you signed up for that crappy $10 race that was the time or your life? How about the time you decided to go demolish yourself on a run just because you could? Because nothing counts unless its on social media we’ve created our first virtual 5k and 10k.

When: Saturday, February 25th – Anytime.

Where: Wherever the hell you want. Make your own starting line, finish line, aid stations, make it fun! Have your kids follow you on their bikes (even better if its freezing outside, it won’t kill them)

What: Run/walk/MOVE 5k or 10k depending on your fitness level

Register: Eh, it’s really not registering but join our Facebook event here.

Results: Share your run file on our Facebook page (@Basetrifitness) or Twitter (@basetrifitness) (can share via strava, garmin connect, training peaks) and make sure you tag #basetrifitness5k10k

Why do it: Why the hell not? Let’s get back to racing and enjoying the sport for what it is, a way to push yourself to reach new limits! The campers at the BASE Tri Swim Run Camp will be participating in this in Florida and smack talking all day.

Prizes: Yeah dudes. We’ll raffle off some sponsor prizes and give away some BASE Tri goodies too. Water bottles, hats, visors. Prizes for the following:

  • Best social media smack talker (must tag @basetrifitness via fb or twitter and tag #basetrifitness5k10k)
  • Fastest 10k
  • Fastest 5k
  • Best finish line photo
  • Most awesome run location

Alright people put it on your calendar and get on it!!!!!!!!