Thought on Having No Thoughts

I have not blogged recently, actually for a while. I’ve not really had any energy to write anything. I’ve also not been compelled by any specific topic to write about as of late. Okay then Lauren why are you blogging about nothing? Well, I’m not sure. I think part of it is an exercise to see what comes out of my fingertips and onto the page, but I also think part of it is a great example of how, like in training, we can feel like we get stuck in a rut, a routine that becomes stale, boring, or no longer engages us. We all go through ups and downs, highs and lows. We have good training days and bad ones. We make huge gains in fitness and then the next little bit doesn’t hit us for a long time. Having the stamina and determination to continue through those ‘grey’ times are what pushes you to grow as a person and an athlete.

This winter has been brutal for anyone who lives in the Mid-West.  Tons of snow, no sun, freezing temperatures we’ve not seen in years all have zapped a lot of athletes’ energy. I guess this I’m commiserating with all you guys out there who are battling this stupid winter season.  Spring is so close but so far away. So how do we get through these next few months without feeling like just ‘waiting’ for spring.

1) Set a short term goal – set a short term goal for the next 4 weeks. Perhaps it is to lose 1-2 lbs in 4 weeks. Maybe it is complete each planned workout every week for the next 4 weeks. Maybe it is drink X oz. of water a day for 4 weeks.

2) Calling All Friends – if you’re not a typical group exercise person recruit your friends for a workout or get together. The accountability of having others waiting for you will help motivate you. Plus you get to see some of your favorite people. What could be better.

3) Journal about your dreams and fears – Fear is one of the most debilitating emotions we can feel. It stifles our growth, hinders our ability to achieve our goals, and leads to self doubt. Take some time to write about your fears. Taking a good honest look at what they are will help you manage them especially in relationship to your dreams. For instance, if you have a dream of being the CFO of a corporation one day but you have a fear of public speaking it’s probably a good thing to work through why that’s the case and how you can start to manage that fear NOW. In the world of endurance sports if you fear pain, loss of time to do other things, failure (define what failure is), etc. you need to be able to work through these in order to accomplish whatever dreams you’ve laid out there for yourself.

So there’s my thoughts on having no thoughts today.