That’s a Wrap: Rice Paper – Your New Best Friend

I’m  a “part time mom” (step-mom), full time wife, full time coach, and full time athlete (or I’d like to be!). So when my health started to take a turn with no real ‘reason’ per my medical doctors I was frustrated, angry, exhausted, and depressed.  I KNEW something was wrong but no one could tell me WHAT or WHY.  A holistic doc recommended that I try giving up gluten. Gluten free? Yeah yeah…buzz words right now and there’s no evidence that says it does anything for people who haven’t been tested as allergic or diagnosed with celiac disease. Well I was pretty much desperate so I called a friend who I know is GF and she recommended I read the book “Crazy, Sexy, Diet” by Kris Carr (who is inspiring, amazing, and all around a gift to the planet).  The book actually inspired me to take my nutrition a step further and get rid of dairy (minus the whey protein I use in my recovery drink) and reduce a lot of the animal protein I use. Ok great Lauren, but what the hell does your health have to do with my busy life and where the hell does rice paper fit in??? What applies to YOU the READER of this post is a super convenient way to WRAP a meal up super quickly and travels well for all of us who are so busy balancing 9 million things like me.

Prepare to become super efficient.

Rice Paper. It’s available at health food stores and Asian specialty stores – hey your local grocery might even carry it in the international food aisle.  It’s SO easy to use and there are a ton of different ways you can utilize it. Here are some of my favorites:

Breakfast Rice Wrap
Cooked Red   Rice (or other rice of your desire)
Organic Free Range Eggs or Egg Whites Scrambled
Avocado   Slices
Red and   Yellow Pepper Slices
Feta Cheese   if you eat dairy
Hot sauce or   any other sauce, spice, salt/pepper you desire!
Super   Awesome Lunch Rolls
Cooked multi   colored quinoa
Organic free   range chicken breast shredded -OR-
Tempeh   slices quickly pan fried with a bit of Bragg’s Aminos
Carrot   slices long and thin
Lacinto Kale
Red Peppers   sliced long and thin
Hemp   seed
Dinner   Done Quickly
Sauteed red   skin potatoes
Organic   chicken, ground beef, tofu, tempeh to your liking
Organic corn   (you can use frozen kernels if you don’t feel like prepping yourself)
Organic peas   and/or lima beans

You can literally make anything you want! I also like to add edamame, sprouts, jicama, and anything else lying around the fridge that looks yummy. The super super best part is if you have kids, get them involved! They will love getting to choose what goes in the rolls. Tonight one of the 8 year old twins said he wanted “mashed potatoes, gravy, and meat” in his next time!!! The sky is the limit!!!