Simple Hydration: Simple Decision

Oh my gosh. I am in love. With my husband, of course, but also with this new product called Simple Hydration.  The 13 0z. water bottle is contoured to fit easily in the back of your pants/shorts or race belt.  For a woman who shoved a plain old water bottle down the back of her sports bra during an Ironman last summer, this is a VAST improvement and one that is comfortable, easy to use, and easily filled.  If you are like me and  you don’t enjoy running with something bouncing around your midsection during a run I highly recommend you check it out.


Although I would not run in my lululemon groove pants with the bottle, you can see the bottle fits securely at the small of the back


The bottle is shaped to fit comfortably at the small of an athlete’s back. According to the instructions it is highly recommended to use a pair of pant/shorts that have a drawstring. The few times I have run with it I heeded those directions but any snug fitting pant should be able to do the trick. I have yet to try them with a pair of non-drawstring tri shorts to see if they’d work that way. The lip on the water bottle helps lock it in place. By placing the bottle at the small of the back, there is no movement in the bottle. I don’t have a huge ‘booty’ and thought maybe if you did it may not lay completely flat but I would have to defer to someone with a more substantial booty to answer that question. 🙂  The other nice thing about the bottle is that if you decide you want to carry it in your hand, it fits really well into the hand. It is narrow and flat enough that it doesn’t seem to be much of a burden at all. An added bonus is that the bottle is BPA free, has a large top so its easy to clean and refill, and is dishwasher safe (top shelf).

The only drawback to the bottle I found is the limited amount of fluid that can be carried. 13 ounces of water is perfect for runners who run light on hydration or for those who might have places to stop and reload on a longer run. I would use it in Ironman and put my OSMO Nutrition in it, mixing a new batch each time I run out. That is how much I hate running belts. 🙂  I probably would opt for my running backpack still on any run longer than 1:20-1:30 because of my hydration habits and plans.

Because it is still freeeeezing ::::brrr:::: in Ohio I have not tried putting the bottle in the back of my sports bra like the website states. I can see it working, but it might take a bit to figure out exactly what is the most comfortable way to carry it for me.

Either way for around $20 bucks I would say this is a ‘gadget’ that I can see myself using in multiple ways in training and racing. It is also a great price point as a gift for friends who are runners/triathletes/active fitness enthusiasts (Stand Up Paddleboarders?).

For more information or if you have questions about my experience with the bottle shoot me a note at  Want to see it in action? Come check out the lululemon athletica run club that leaves from Easton Town Center Sundays at 8:30 AM! Product Website: