Off Season Circuit

One positive of living in the midwest is that as the fall season progresses it give endurance athletes a nice way to ease into our non-specific training season or transition period. Some people take time off. Others pursue cyclocross or mountain biking as a form of exercise and competition. Many take a needed break from the monotony of our normal training in the summer months.  Take advantage of the cooler weather and your desire for variety by trying this circuit that you can do in your own backyard.

Warm Up

  • 1.5-2 mile jog
  • Dynamic Stretching

Set #1 – Repeat 4 x

  • 15 TRX body weight rows (Don’t have a TRX? No problem – do 20 jumping jacks instead)
  • 10-20 push ups – Full ROM
  • 1 run around the block (1/4 mile or so) 1st and 3rd side jog, 2nd and 4th sprint
  • 20 walking lunges with upper body twist

Set #2 – Repeat 4 x 

  • 20 wall jumps (pick a high spot on your garage or house and jump to touch it)
  • 20 prisoner squats
  • 15 TRX “T” rows (straight arms out to side) (No TRX? – do triceps dips off a chair or bench)
  • 45 second plank

Set #3- Repeat 4 x

  • 15-20 TRX squat to biceps curl (No TRX? Try jump squats)
  • 15 single leg squat (ea. leg)
  • 20 v-sits
  • 10 burpees/squat thrusts

Cool Down

Walk 5 minutes & follow with static stretching

Once you give this a shot you can mix and match your favorite exercises! Enjoy the weather before it becomes too cold and snowy to get outside regularly!