Bikram Hot Yoga Columbus

Get ready to sweat. And I mean it. I used to take Bikram back in Chicago on a weekly basis. I never could get over the ‘stink’ of the studio in Chicago. The bitterness just stung in my nostrils the entire time. When I was invited to visit the NEW Bikram studio here in Columbus, I was super excited, but also had visions of the stinky studio in my mind. LUCKILY the super clean, super new, super nice smelling studio was a welcome sight!

Bikram is not just ‘hot yoga’.  Traditional Bikram is the same 26 poses and 2 breathing exercises in a heated room (105 degrees) each time you come to class. Nothing really changes except for YOU, the student. I think that’s pretty cool so you know how your practice is progressing. I found that after 2 classes, my previous experience in the past came back to me really quickly so I’m excited to see how the new set of students progresses throughout their ‘Bikram’ experience. 🙂

Back to the studio – It is a pretty open space when you walk in bright colors and clean lines.  The awesome helpful and energetic staff welcome you, direct you to fill out the necessary paperwork, and then inform you about the practice, what to expect and that even if you stay in the room the entire time THAT is goal number one.  The locker rooms are brand new and the showers have a super cool touch with a rocky/pebbled floor that give you a nice little foot massage as you stand under the showers (I definitely recommend showering after class – you will be DRENCHED with sweat).

The teachers are also wonderful. I have been to Kalee and Whitney’s classes.  You can tell that they both teach from a place of love and desire to share this practice with others.  If you like laid back and calm, Whitney is your girl. If you want high energy Kalee is great. I’ve not taken class yet by Rebecca but I have met her and as the owner of the studio she is so passionate about sharing Bikram in the way it was meant to be practiced.

I asked several first time students what they liked about their experience. Lori Ellinger said,  “I love the sweat. You get into a pose and just hold it – then sweat.” Greg Shank one of the two men in class (and who seemed to totally dig it) said that “it brought a ton of negative thoughts in my head because it was so hard! But I got through it. It was an accomplishment. I’ve played basketball the entire life and that class was the biggest challenge I’ve ever faced. I absolutely will be back!”

If you plan on going for your first class here are some things to consider. 1) Hydrate BEFORE class. Drink lots of water and perhaps some coconut water. You will sweat. A TON. 2) Bring your mat and a towel. The studio rents both if you don’t have one, but you get pretty sweaty during class. If it were me I’d always feel more comfortable on my own mat. 3) Bring water TO class. The first water break is after the warm up poses around 20 minutes into class. 4) Bring an extra set of clothes and a towel. You will want to change after class. I like a nice cool shower after. 5) If you get lightheaded rest. I had to take a little break my first class back. Breathe through your nose and not through your mouth or you might get even more lightheaded. Listen to the instructors, they know what they are doing!!!

Lastly, if you’ve never tried it and you aren’t sure if you will like it GIVE IT A SHOT- and then give it one MORE shot. I promise you’ll get a great mental challenge and you’ll see some great benefits.

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