Base Tri Fit Camp Recap

I wanted to post a little recap of Base Tri Camp so that in 2015 when we do it again, new athletes and athletes who want a little deeper perspective on the event will have some more idea of what they can expect!

I am so thrilled with how the 2014 BASE Tri Fit Camp went this year. Our sponsors were Triformance Swim Bike Run in Gahanna, Finis Swimming who donated swimming gear, Osmo Nutrition who donated Active Hydration and Acute Recovery, and Mt. Borah who discounted our amazingly designed Hoodies (designed by Fix Apparel owner Scott Vallee).  These sponsors added a significant value to our camp allowing our athletes the ability to train in a super cool venue, and utilize some of the best new equipment and hydration out there.

Camp started with a lecture and a swim workout at the Westerville Community Center.  The goal of the first ‘meeting’ was to make sure all the athletes were introduced and got really comfortable with each other really quickly. We talked through a packet of information that included a mental skills inventory, nutrition and hydration research, and ended with a goal setting session for the 2 weeks. We also did a ‘clearing’ where we allowed each athlete to share whatever was on the forefront in their mind taking up the bulk of their energy at the moment. The reason I thought it was important to do this was that each athlete immediately understood what each person was facing mentally, emotionally, at work, in their home, etc. It was amazing to see the connection and support happen almost instantaneously. It also allowed for the athlete to say “ok, I’ve recognized this is what is going on with me outside of training…let’s set it aside to focus on training when we’re all together”.  Each athlete was then required to email the group their written goal for the next 2 weeks. This also helped with accountability. You can ask any of the campers…and yes…they all reached their goals.

All of our swim workouts were similar in the sense that while one lane was working on a fitness set the other was getting one on one attention from the coach. Using above and below water video and coaching software, athletes were able to see the changes they were making in real time. Most athletes had never seen video of themselves swimming let alone seeing the feedback underwater.  Many of the tools Finis Swimming donated were used to help athletes improve their stroke. Most notably the tempo trainer kept the athletes honest, and out of breath. 🙂

Our bike workouts were Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday from 5:30 AM – 7:00 AM at Triformance.  It was cold and dark when we got to the studio and the studio was freezing as no one had been in there since the previous night.  Some of the funniest moments were in the warm up minutes of those workouts. Whether it was stories about potentially dating firefighters to the antics of a honey badger named Stoffel, after 15 minutes of warm up class was on whether or not we were ready. Most athletes utilized heart rate, but several were power users so both sets of athletes were provided guidelines and feedback based on the individuals fitness. We spent most of the time working on cadence drills, strength, and endurance depending on the session.  Both Thursdays we did a recovery ride and some yoga/stretching. Those were by far the most interesting conversation rides of the lot.

I purposely chose February to host camp because traditionally it is a miserable month in Ohio. It’s still cold. There is still snow, and spring is no where to be found. I also figured there was a chance for some epic snow storm so we had to be flexible with the schedule a little bit.  Our running day was Wednesday at 5:30 AM. Which meant ICE. COLD. EARLY. Did I mention Cold? Well I guess the first week wasn’t too bad but there was ice all over the path so it became what we dubbed our ‘black out run’.  The track was covered in snow so our track workout was canned, and we just did an aerobic run on the olentangy path. I believe every single one of us hit the same puddle on the way back and ended up with a cold wet foot on the drive home. The following week’s run was sub zero or at least felt like it. Everyone did it though and it was an epic accomplishment 🙂

The second of the two lectures we had was based around hydration and nutrition for different distance training and racing.  While all my athletes know #wedonttalkaboutcoachesmathskills the athletes were able to calculate their fluid needs and caloric needs. We also discussed the different fueling techniques and theories for different distance racing. Each athlete came away from the lecture having a plan for training and racing. The other cool thing was they had been able to use Osmo Nutrition during the camp and as one athlete said “I purposely skipped the Acute Recovery after one of our workouts to see if it really did anything. Well I was nauseous after the workout and then 45 minutes later was starving. I ate breakfast and then 45 minutes after that I was starving again. Now that Acute Recovery is like my right arm. It works”.

We ended the camp with a little award ceremony to honor each camper and their unique talents and personality they brought to camp. From our Honey Badger Attitude Award to Mr. Positive, all of the athletes made the two week camp such an amazing experience that I can’t thank them enough. As much as they have said they got out of the camp, I personally got 10x as much.

What Campers have said about their experience:

My favorite thing about camp was being able to train with all of the other athletes! Having a group atmosphere challenged me during the workouts but also to get up every morning at 4:30 AM. I also really liked the lectures about mental toughness and nutrition!

I really liked that camp was a small group. It allowed everyone to get individualized feedback. I also thought the most valuable part of camp was the swimming. It’s the area I need the most help with and I definitely got it!

I wanted to let you know that I have REALLY enjoyed BASE Tri Camp and I am NOT a morning person so this is really saying something.  I love your athletes and your energy. I have learned a ton and feel stronger than I did a week and a half ago!

I would do this again in a HEARTBEAT!!!!