Athlete Spotlight: Will Chadwick


Will Chadwick

Beach 2 Battleship Ironman 2012

Will Chadwick all the way to the right of the photo

Will Chadwick our resident patriot (USA! USA!) and helicopter pilot is tackling 140.6 miles of Beach 2 Battleship this coming weekend. We look forward to cheering him on as he strives to reach that finish line strong and happy!

What are your primary events: All distances. A race is Beach 2 Battleship this year.

What is your athletic background: Pretty much every sport. I was really heavy into soccer and Baseball.

Why did you choose BASE Tri Fitness as your training program provider: Of course because of the awesomeness that is Lauren Updyke (Kiss A$$, but I absolutely don’t hate it ~LU)

What has been the most challenging part of the training:  I was never a good runner so it has been a real challenge not to only physically but mentally accomplish distances greater than a few miles.

What has been the most enjoyable part of training:  When you run 6 miles and think “Hmm, that was NOTHING”

What is your favorite music to train to: Paper Planes by M.I.A. great rhythm for running

Most favorite workout: Any workout done where I don’t have a specific goal.  Let’s me work out the “sh!t” in my head.

Least favorite workout:  I hate doing a swim workout when I am tired and/or feel cold. Being wet and cold, generally, puts me in a bad mood.

If you could tell other athletes one thing you have learned so far what would it be: HEART RATE WORKS. I didn’t quite understand when I first started, but the fitness level I have reached is pretty awesome and it was definitely because I followed the HR workout regimen Lauren gave me.

Any embarassing moments or stories: I did the Cleveland Sprint Triathlon in 2010. While mounting my bike out of T1 I slipped off my pedal, kicked my water bottle off the rear cage, and fell onto my top tube landing square on my ‘business’ (edited for public, lol). It took me 10 minutes to recover. Not one of my greatest moments. I lost most of my water and was not happy with my ride because of that.

What is your equipment line up: Blue Seventy wetsuit, 2010 Cervelo P2 w SRAM 80 race wheels, K-Swiss Blade Max, Garmin 310XT