Athlete Spotlight: Tommy Costantiello

Our last Ironman Louisville athlete – but certainly not the least – is Tommy Costantiello. Always a loud personality on long rides, Tommy has done Ironman before but this year we’re looking to improve upon past performances. Read more about Mr. T!

Primary Events: Ironman Louisville

What is your athletic Background: I wrestled and boxed

Why did you choose BASE Tri Fitness as your training program provider: Because the training philosophy was similar to plans I used for Ironman St. George and I wanted to learn more about training with power on the bike.

What has been the most challenging part of your training so far: Wanting to do the swim workouts. I miss more than I should.

What has been the most enjoyable part of your training: Seeing my pace get faster as my heart rate drops. When I ran my first marathon in 2009 I ran a 10:11 pace at 162 BPM, I can now run 8:30 pace at the same heart rate

What have you accomplished so far that you never dreamt you’d accomplish: Swam 5k in one day and run a 50 mile ultra to qualify for the Western States 100 lottery.

What is your favorite music to train to: workout mixes and the Glee Warblers album

Favorite work out: Probably running but after training for 2 Ironman back to back I am looking forward to taking a break.

Least favorite work out: Swimming, DUH.

If you could tell other athletes one thing you have learned so far in your training what would it be: Be patient and trust the training. Also enjoy and take the rest days. If in doubt, leave it out…skip the workout if you really aren’t feeling well. Sometimes you need to push through it and when you do the confidence you get it will be well worth it.

Any embarrassing moments or stories: I once got busted for driving naked.

Equipment line up: It ain’t about the equipment, it’s about the athlete!!!